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Vivid grace

Bent from vase

Toward my face—


Time gone—

What’s going on?

Gaze kept—

Heart leapt—


Chimney Rock

(This story was originally a dedication in a foreword to a book of poetry that I gave my Dad, Robert S. Sanford, for his birthday.)
I can only think of one thing I can give you on your 70th birthday that might be adequate. Yesterday I went hiking in the mountains with friends and we had a conversation about courage. We were delighted by our discovery that we like to be scared. We found ourselves describing to each other the instant just before the leap into danger, and we described to each other what happens in the mind at that instant. We all agreed that one has to stop thinking at that crucial instant in order to able go forward into the danger. That was when I realized that it was you who taught me about courage, and so I told my friends a story about you and a place called Chimney Rock:
My love of adventure has a beginning place in my memory— A place in the eastern mountains where a great platform of rock juts out over a valley brimming with trees, and two turkey vultures circle in …