New Seeds Priory Zen Precepts

New Seeds Priory Zen Precepts

As the Lindisfarne Community has received them.

As pilgrims on the Way of Christ and as Students of Zen, we enter these commitments of practice to embody the Lindisfarne Community Understandings, to align with the teachings of Christ and Buddha, and to alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings.

1.     I will embody a practice of Zazen through meditation and Zen study to cultivate enlightened mind, speech, and action.

2.     I will embody generosity through service to others and by sharing my resources with my community and with others in need. 

3.     I will embody forgiveness and loving-kindness and work to cultivate harmony in myself and among my community.

4.     I will embody humility by cultivating honesty, right speech, and openhearted listening and by seeking counsel from others.

5.     I will embody love by cultivating respect and dignity in all relationships and by upholding the integrity of others.

6.     I will embody simplicity by seeking only what is necessary and by being a responsible steward of the resources with which I am blessed.

7.     I will embody equanimity by cultivating awareness of Emptiness and by honoring the enlightenment and divinity of all beings.

8.     I will embody hospitality by welcoming others and receiving them as they are.

9.     I will embody solidarity by working for justice in my community and in the world.

10. I will embody healing by caring for myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, by caring for others, and by caring for the whole of creation.


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