The Great Wide

The word “God” is not a noun, it’s a verb!

God doesn’t have a plan; God is the plan!

God does not love us just as we are;

God does not pick us up when we fall;

God does not test us to prove our faith;

God does not measure out the amount of suffering we can handle;

God does not look down from above;

God does not punish us for our sins.

Try this

God is the Way we go about loving each other just as we are;

God is the Way we know how to give each other a hand;

God is the Way we test our lifelines before we mount a rescue;

God is the Way we handle our suffering with the oven mitts of grace;

God is the Way that goes in a different direction than ‘above’ and ‘below’;

God is the Way that has no signposts marked “sin” and “punishment.”

God is the Light that the darkness can’t seize,

and the gleam shining in our eyes.

God is the Air we breathe,

and the wind filling our lungs;

God is the Ground under our feet,

and the bedrock upholding our weight.

God is the Fathomless Source,

and the cradle that rocks and sings to our unborn memories.

God is the Great Wide,

and the faint sound of wild-geese calling,

out at the very edge of the sky.


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