I Want to Know

I see You—

I see how it’s more important for you to be angry

than to question your convictions.

I see You—

I see how it’s much simpler for you to buy a packaged meal

artificially pre-flavored with easy ethics and instant justice.

I see You—

What are you cooking?

I want to know!

Because when I look at you

I see You—

mixing and adding

your pain

your compassion

your fear

and blending all those real ingredients

into what’s already cooking

but I never saw the poisoner

I never saw anyone slip in behind your back

with an ampule of rage

and dribble it into the recipe you’re making.

I see You—

and I want to know

if you had seen that assassin

would you still serve that meal to the world?

Would you feed it to your children for their dinner?

I see You—

and I don’t believe that you could.


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