Poet's Drift

(This is not a Lectio Divina reflection. This is the plain truth of what happened to me today. You'd be surprised how often it happens.....)

If you suspect I'm clinically depressed,

I don't appreciate your kind dismay.

So what? I haven't had a meal today,

or made my bed, or even gotten dressed.

(Obsessed, I just neglected to ingest.)

I mined for words to prove in the assay:

the lode of metaphor that would convey

the deepest nuance language might suggest.

So don't you worry that I've lost my mind.

I never felt the hours passing by;

I didn't hear my stomach's aching groan.

I'd gone prospecting in a place behind

the world, where time's an evanescent lie

and every glinting word's a precious stone.


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